From Their Mouth

“Having worked with Michelle at Genuine Ginger for nearly a decade, I have to say she is best in class. She sets the gold standard in agency partners.

And better than that, she’s one of the best, most thoughtful human beings I know.”

Amit Pandhi

CEO, Velocity Snack Brands

CEO, Popchips

“I love working with Michelle and the Genuine Ginger team! The attention to detail and dedication she gives Arctic Zero is truly appreciated. She is someone I can ALWAYS rely on and trust. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her for 7 years and consider her a friend ????.  I look forward to working with her for many, many more years to come!”


Angelica Bodnarchuk

Marketing Manager, Arctic Zero


Michelle + team are an absolute pleasure to work with! I have been working with her for about 4 years now at two different companies and she is my go-to person. I can trust her to produce the best work and she always understands the brand!

MacKenzie  Hartung

Social Media Manager, Athletic Greens

“Michelle and the team at Genuine Ginger do a wonderful job managing our social media content. They have a deep understanding of our audience, and a great handle on what is authentic for the brand. The visual content – still photos, videos and stop motions, and recipes are always beautiful, high quality, and make the brand shine. The team is reliable and flexible, and willing to support us even when we aren’t as organized as we should be. It’s great peace of mind knowing that Michelle and her team are handling things!”

Kacy Rivers

Digital Marketing Director, Om Mushrooms

“The Genuine Ginger Agency is a dream to work with.  Michelle and her team are creative, professional, daring and wise.  With the ever-changing needs of the social media/digital landscape, they are able to guide, navigate and continue to push forward with relatable content that gets the message across while being fun and engaging.  Projects are delivered on-time and within budget, and communication is prompt and thorough.  

Todd Kluger

VP of Sales & Marketing, OCHO Candy